SAMPE 2017 event in Seattle

May 2017.  Seattle, WA:  ANF Technology Limited will take part in the SAMPE advanced materials exhbition for the 4th consecutive year.  The SAMPE event takes place on a yearly basis and rotates in various East Coast and West Coast cities each year.  SAMPE—Society for Advanced Material and Process Engineering—is an industry association which attracts manufacturers who are focused in the machinery, processing equipment and materials used in advanced materials and composites.

ANF Technology will present visitors with information on the achievements in material enhancement using the NAFEN™ alumina nanofiber.  These enhancements have been produced in composites, coatings and adhesives, which are mainstay industries for the SAMPE event.  It is ANF’s objective to attract faster-paced industry players who have specific development targets that ANF can help them achieve and put into commercial use.

Follow the link below to see more about the SAMPE 2017 event in Seattle, Washington:

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