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Arguably one of the greatest breakthroughs in nano-enhanced product development and manufacturing over the past 10 years, NAFEN Dynamic Enhancers came to the market with one purpose…to enhance the world with nano.
ANF Technology has patented the processes and technology to effectively manufacture NAFEN products on an industrial scale. Although there are a few nano-based materials on the market that provide some performance results, there is no other company or product that can achieve the volumes and quality that have been achieved with NAFEN products. This fact opens the door to new levels of innovation and product development for coatings, epoxies, adhesives, fiber reinforced composites, advanced ceramics, engineered plastics and other products that have—until now—had limited access to useful nano materials.


NAFEN Dynamic Enhancers: Dispersions in Base Materials

 NAFEN Dynamic Enhancers are dispersions of base materials in which NAFEN fibers are homogeneously predispersed. ANF Technology has developed the technology to effectively disperse the fibers into liquid base materials that are used in a multitude of industrial manufacturing applications. To incorporate them into your production process, you only need to blend the dispersion of the enhanced material (e.g. resin, solvent, water) into your normal production formulation in place of the same amount of regular material. ANF Technology will provide guidance and know-how at each step to ensure success in the implementation of NAFEN as an ingredient.  Then proceed with your processing as usual and enjoy the improvement in performance.

Achieved improvements in the mechanical properties of end-products are increased hardness, increased corrosion resistance, increased fire retardancy, increased tensile and flexural strength, increased impact toughness, increased elongation at break and improved fracture resistance.



NAFEN Fibers

NAFEN Dynamic Enhancers are based on ANF Technology’s NAFEN alumina nano fibers.  These are produced in coaligned fiber blocks (fiber diameters of 10–20nm) with a patented production process, which is scalable to meet the production needs of our industrial customers. The material boasts an active surface area of more than 150 m2/g, tensile strength of 12 GPa and tensile modulus of over 400 GPa. The surface is faceted with vacant aluminum bonds, which provide Nafen with incredible mechanical bonding strength. Nafen fibers are resistant to fire, chemicals and radiation, and maintain gamma phase stability in temperatures up to 1200 C.  NAFEN is (in most cases) provided in dispersion form for most applications.