ANF Technology to exhibit in 1st CAMX event

25 March

Orlando, Florida, 12 October, 2014. ANF Technology Ltd., the manufacturer of NAFEN™, the first ever superior-grade alumina nanofiber to be produced and made available at commercially viable, industrial volumes, will be exhibiting at the First Annual CAMX advanced materials conference and exhibition.  This event, presented by the Society for the Advancement of  Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) in cooperation with the American Composites Manufacturers Associatin (ACMA), will be taking place at the Orange County Convention Center from October 13 to 16.

ANF Technology Ltd will present quantifiable performance data on NAFEN™ Enhancer dispsersions in DGEBA Epoxy resins, recently undertaken by the globally recognised Fraunhofer Institute’s polymer research center (PYCO). The institution has tested the performance capability of NAFEN™ Enhancers in application-critical conditions.  Of particular interest for adhesive producers will be the enhanced performance in tensile strength and shear strength in epoxy-based adhesives.  Additionally, ANF will present performance data on the improvements achieved in polyurethanes and acrylate coatings.  The materials that have been tested with NAFEN™, touch on a wide range of industries and product applications, which makes NAFEN™ a significant breakthrough in the development of Advanced Materials.

Tim Ferland, ANF Technology’s Business Development Manager, said of the Fraunhofer Institute’s research:

“Europe’s largest applications-oriented research group, the Fraunhofer Institute, has taken NAFEN™ nanofibers and put them through a wide range of testing in relation to specific polymer materials applications. We know how well this nanomaterial performs but to have our own research verified by the labs at the Fraunhofer Institute is a seal of approval for NAFEN™ quality control and product design. We have the product and now we have the performance data. This will help customers with their decision making process and we expect to see a further increase in interest and order flows in the pipeline.”

NAFEN™ is pure alumina and can be used as a performance-enhancing additive to boost critical factors of the end product, such as tensile & compressive strength; heat, corrosion and chemical resistance, as well as increased adhesion and greater wear resistance.

ANF Technology’s NAFEN™ Enhancers act as a reinforcing element and provide a key ingredient solution to many application-critical problems. The benefits of NAFEN™ can be seen from as little as 0.1% added into the overall composite mix.

NAFEN™-inside composite materials can offer longer product life cycles and lower maintenance costs due to increased abrasion, corrosion and thermal resistance. This is particularly beneficial in the demanding environments of aerospace, aviation, automobile and industrial manufacturing. Fuel-saving and emission benefits are available due to the reduced weight of materials using NAFEN™-reinforced composite materials. These are particularly important to the aerospace, aviation and automobile industries where fuel-saving and environmental benefits add up significantly over time.

Speaking of ANF Technology’s attendance at the First Annual CAMX event, Tim Ferland said:

”The new series of CAMX events are a great opportunity for us to meet with pioneers in the Advanced Materials and Composites industries. As part of the value chain we are looking forward to demonstrating the cost and energy saving benefits that come with the performance-boosting capabilities that NAFEN™ Enhancers can offer. Listening to feedback from our customers in these sectors helps us to tailor neat nanotechnology product solutions to complex application problems.”

SAMPE and ACMA provide a global forum for information, education and professional fellowship amongst leaders in the field of cutting-edge applications in Advanced Materials. ANF Technology Ltd will be amongst 500 of the leading companies worldwide exhibiting at this year’s event, bringing together the very latest scientific research and industrial know-how in Advanced Materials and process engineering.

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