ANF Technology believes in the concept that shared knowledge is the best way to overcome obstacles and achieve what seems impossible alone. Through our history, we have employed the practice of Joint Development Projects with key customers so that we can share our expertise in the use of NAFEN™ nanofibers, while learning key elements of the real-life application of the technology in our customers’ products. This practice has enabled us to move product commercialization forward for our customers in measurements of months, rather than years. Advantages of Joint Development with ANF:
  • Access to ISO certified laboratory for testing of high performance materials
  • More advanced starting position of experimentation with NAFEN™
  • Access to best practices and expertise from PhD scientists
  • Faster turn around on development projects (e.g. shorter go-to- market schedule)
  • Confidentiality of project details and results
  • Immediate response and resolutions from development feedback loop (e.g. modified samples)
  • Opportunities for IP ownership scenarios (re: fully funded vs. shared development cost)
  • Key customer status for NAFEN™ and DynaBond™ production

Small things making a big difference

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 685213

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