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Features of NAFEN Alumina Nano Fibers

Easily the most important breakthrough that NAFEN represents, is the ability to manufacture nano enhanced materials on an industrial scale. Although there are a few materials that provide some performance results, there is no other company or product that can achieve the volumes and quality that have been achieved with NAFEN.

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Nafen Alumina nano fibers

  • Fibrous
  • Pre-despersed
  • Crystalline
  • True nano

Dispersed into base material

Enhanced end materials

Composite bonding systems
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High-performance adhesives
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Epoxy modifiers
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Typical Process Flow

NAFEN Dynamic Enhancers increase the performance of base materials and provide strategic improvements for downstream producersalline

Nafen Enhancers vs. Masterbatches of 1st Generation Nano Materials

ANF Technology’s Mission

We will develop, market and sell NAFEN Dynamic Enhancers to the most relevant industries and endeavor to work cooperatively with leaders in those industries for the purpose of enhancing their existing products and developing new, innovative product and material solutions. Our product development will be executed with the highest possible professional and scientific standards, with an emphasis on the safety and health of all those that interact with our products.

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NAFEN alumina nano fibers were developed in ANF Technology’s pilot manufacturing facility in Tallinn, Estonia in 2010. The product is synthesized from liquid phase aluminum, which allows for a high production rate and unlimited capacity expansion.

The production process has been patented, allowing ANF Group to develop sales channels and research partners without joepardizing potential market share of the nano enhancer market. It also allows for unlimited scalability in production volume, thus eliminating the main roadblock to innovation for our customers (lack of industrial scale production capacity).