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NAFEN is the next generation of nano enhancement. NAFEN Dynamic Enhancers have made it easy to improve the performance of polymer-based products and materials. NAFEN effortlessly replaces other nano materials like CNTs, nano silica and nano clays because it comes pre-dispersed in base materials and has none of the unfortunate trade-offs that have plagued those first-generation nano materials.
Best of all, NAFEN Dynamic Enhancers can be seamlessly added to standard production processes for most polymer-based manufacturing, without changing a thing. The NAFEN dispersions blend in with normal production materials without process changes. Your R&D and production teams will be able to begin working with NAFEN Dynamic Enhancers immediately and you will be able to achieve results in an efficient, cost-effective way.
We have identified some specific industrial applications here that have benefited from the addition of NAFEN Dynamic Enhancers. However the future is wide open as far as unexplored uses and new materials are concerned. Researchers are actively testing NAFEN products to unlock the next great opportunity.

Polymer-based Applications



Polymer-based paints and coatings

NAFEN Dynamic Enhancers improve the mechanical properties of polymer-based paints and coatings with loadings of less than 1wt%. Higher tensile strength, thanks to the high aspect ratio; higher wear resistance, thanks to the hardness of alumina; improved corrosion resistance, thanks to its chemical resistance and increased UV resistance, thanks to NAFEN’s resistance to radiation. The material has also shown significant improvements in the fire retardency of some fire-resistant coatings for Marine, Aerospace and Construction applications. The steel industry will also benefit from harder, more wear resistant coil coatings that have good flexibility, which will allow them to produce at higher-yield volumes.


Composite Bonding Systems

NAFEN Dynamic Enhancers greatly improve the mechanical properties of standard polymer bonding systems with loadings of between 0.4 – 06wt%.  In terms of real-world applications, the wind-turbine industry can greatly benefit from being able to increase the tensile and flexoral strength of the wind-mill blades, allowing for increased length and higher energy yield.  The automotive and aerospace industries can greatly benefit from the stronger, lighter laminate composite materials produced with NAFEN products inside, at a potentially lower cost than current industry offerings.


Polymer-based epoxies and adhesives

NAFEN Dynamic Enhancers provide functional improvements in the tensile strength of polymer epoxies with loadings between 0.4 – 0.6wt%. Additionally, NAFEN improves the cohesive strength within the adhesive matrix, significantly increasing bonding shear strength and elongation at break.  This provides a new alternative to end-product manufacturers who are looking for a cost effective bonding solution for higher performance applications.


Engineered Plastics

The advantages of thermoplastic materials has changed the manufacturing world of the automotive, aerospace and electronics industries.  With greater impact toughness, elongation at break and tensile strength, NAFEN enhanced (0.5wt% NAFEN loading) engineered plastics will provide a new generation of innovative applications to look forward to.

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Other Applications


Ceramic materials and coatings reinforced with Nafen fibers

Nafen fibers improve the ductility of ceramic matrices, keeping Young’s modulus high while increasing creep resistance and decreasing brittleness. This leads to better performance under thermocycling and higher fatigue strength, opening new areas of mass applications for structural ceramic materials.

Super-Fine Abrasives with small particle size and narrow size distribution

Nafen has what makes an ideal fine abrasives material: high hardness, extremely small diameter, and narrow size distribution. The fibers do not agglomerate, do not melt, and are chemically neutral.

Fibrous support for highly selective catalysts

Based on dedicated research results, Nafen is best suited for use as a carrier in highly selective catalyst systems for petrochemistry. Nafen features a rare, and perhaps unique combination of characteristics: chemically neutral surface combined with the possibility of firm deposition of metals on the surface.

High Performance Cements reinforced with Nafen Fibers

Nafen materials dispersed in Cement products will provide a reinforcing effect, thus increasing the strength of the cements as well as reducing drying/curing time.