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Grow your competitive advantage: Higher product performance and no process changes.

Competition in advanced materials is strong, so customers expect new innovations with upgraded performance. How will you get a competitive advantage? The solution is ANF Technology’s line of NAFEN-based products; featuring Nafen Dynamic Enhancers—resin and liquid dispersions which seamlessly blend into your production process without changes or added steps. A small loading of well-dispersed NAFEN alumina nano fibers introduced through dispersions, greatly improves the mechanical performance of your products; making NAFEN Dynamic Enhancers the most cost effective choice for outperforming your competition.


NAFEN alumina nano fibers came to the market with one purpose, to enhance the world with nano. A breakthrough in nano-technology.


NAFEN’s initial industrial applications have been identified. Researchers are actively testing NAFEN products to unlock the next great opportunity.

Comparison chart

ANF has done a side-by-side comparison of NAFEN Dynamic Enhancers vs. first generation nano materials in masterbatches of DGEBA epoxy resin.